America Day’s 6 and 7 – driving!

Today and tomorrow are all about the Road Trip – some serious mileage to cover after three unplanned nights in Arizona. Up and away early, I’m fighting with the GPS as it wants me to take the Interstates everywhere and I don’t want to, I’m sticking to country highways. First stop is for petrol, “gas”, $3.57 a gallon, can’t pay at the pump, the card reader does not like an Aussie c/card, so into the counter to prepay. Hooray, found a paper map… stuff the annoying lady on the GPS, doing this the old fashioned way!

Endless miles of huge skies and gently undulating plains

Onto plains country now although it’s fifty miles before I lose the peak of Mt Humphrey gleaming in the sun behind me. Still very dry looking country, big properties ranching cattle I guess. I have the hang of driving completely now, and look, there’s Albuquerque nestling under its mountains! Straight through, and I make it as far as Roswell, New Mexico, before I really have to stop for the night.

One thing I have really noticed are the trains, behemoth’s, I counted at least 100 carriages behind one monster, with four engines puling it and two pushing from behind!

The railway lines often follow the old highways, I saw lots of huge trains crossing the plains.

There’s a gigantic Walmart Super Centre in Roswell, New Mexico’s Dairy Capital but more famous for it’s alien sightings. It smells more like a dairy capital though. As I arrive at about 7pm there are lots of cars there and I promise myself a trip to Walmart for the evenings entertainment (looking for aliens in Walmart) – it’s closed when I get there though!

Up early, breakfast at Burger King, and away again, I’m aiming for San Antonio. By the time I reach it, I’m at well over the 2000 mile mark and have spent about $140US on fuel… not bad, but the Americans are complaining about the price.

By staying off the Interstate I have driven through incredible changing landscapes, seen all sorts of towns, deserted and thriving. Highlights include passing in and out of four heavy fog banks crossing the border into Texas, seeing a road runner bird race across in front of me in a deserted town somewhere in West Texas, passing between working little oil rigs north of Carlsbad, not seeing another car for fifteen miles at one stage!

Thick fog beginning to burn away as the sun rises in Roswell, New Mexico

Road kill sighted includes – skunks, a raccoon, lots of small things that may have been rabbits, most notably a black sheep.

Beautiful little church near the fort at Fort Stockton

Happy Birthday Sanderson, Texas – right down on the Mexican border now, a quaint little town with not much going on.

Coming out of Del Rio I got stopped at a Border Patrol post, every car gets close scrutiny by officers with dogs – they were so nice once they saw my Aussie passport, but the California license plate on the car was what got me pulled up.

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